Equalize Funding

A quality education for every child is worth the investment. That investment shouldn’t change based on where a child lives.

Today, if someone moves from ZIP code 84094 in Sandy to 84095 in South Jordan, the investment we make as taxpayers in their education drops by 21 percent. The value of their education hasn’t changed, but our commitment to that child has. One digit in the ZIP code. $1,339 less in education funding. That must change. We need to equalize taxpayer funding for education statewide and recognize that the value of a child and their education does not change based on where they live.  

Put Educators in Charge

Education dollars should fund the education of each child, not fund an education bureaucracy or system of schools. The legislature should make sure schools have the resources to provide a quality education for every child. Then set schools, principals, teachers, and parents free to choose, innovate, and excel.

Too much of what goes on in schools is dictated by politicians in Washington, D.C. and Salt Lake City, when it should be decided by local parents and schools. The larger the role that politicians and government play in classrooms, the smaller the influence of teachers and parents. Families and educators need to have the greatest influence in schools—not bureaucrats. Instead of micromanaging the education of our children we need to take the handcuffs off of parents, local principals and educators and let them innovate, provide options and choices to parents, and provide a high quality education for every child.  

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Rein in the Federal Government

The government that governs best governs least and closest to the people. I will work with our federal delegation and state agencies to strengthen Utah’s control over its own destiny as a state and let individuals control their own lives.

For example, we should not be expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare. A University of Oregon study showed that Medicaid actually resulted in worse health outcomes than having no insurance at all. It is yet another government program that was intended to be compassionate but in reality is not only unwise but sacrifices true compassion at the altar of feel-good policy.

The Federal Government should also stay out of local decisions that should be made by local communities. We know better than the politicians and bureaucrats in DC how to use our local lands, what our school curriculum should be, and how best to protect our local environment. Again, the larger the role played by the Government in DC, the smaller influence of local families and communities will be. We need to keep the Federal Government reigned in to its limits set in the Constitution.

Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

We cannot cede the issue of caring for those that CANNOT care of themselves to liberal policies that leave our mentally ill a danger to themselves and others, homeless or in jail without proper care.

We can no longer allow the cycle of dependence that leaves our poor hopeless and suffocating under the very system meant to free them. What we have done in the name of helping those in poverty is appalling. Liberal policies have devastated generations past and future and damaged society as a whole. I am not naive. I know this seems a monumental goal, but I cannot stand by and watch those whom we are morally bound to care for drown in liberal policies because the task is too difficult.

The 2nd Amendment

I am a concealed weapons permit holder (CCW).  I strongly support the 2nd Amendment.

I believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms and understand that the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to allow the citizenry to protect themselves against a tyrannical government and not to protect the shooting sports. 


I am strongly pro-life and would only make an exception in the case of rape, incest and the life of the mother.