About Lincoln

Early Years

I’ve been active in politics from a young age. My Eagle Scout Project at age 14 was a get out the vote campaign in Taylorsville (just before we relocated). I registered new voters, coordinated with candidates for legislature, moderated a debate, and our area saw its highest voter turnout in many years.

Except for my teenage years, when my family moved to California, I’ve been a lifelong resident of Salt Lake County. Those most formative years near San Francisco were where I learned to stand strongly for conservative principles, even when you’re greatly outnumbered. I ran for city council at 18 there, and was told by voters that they’d never vote for me because I was pro-life. My town’s newspaper published a regular conservative column of mine when I was 19 until I moved back to Utah just before I turned 21.


Professional and Political Life

I’ve spent my career in education, with years as a teacher, principal, and school business manager. Now I use that expertise to help public charter schools operate more efficiently and meet their legal obligations through my company, Charter Solutions, which I founded in 2007. I graduated from the University of Utah in 1999.

I’ve worked on multiple ballot initiative campaigns and volunteered on countless candidate campaigns. In the Republican Party, I’ve served as a County and State Delegate, Precinct, Legislative, and Region Chair.

Fun Stuff

For fun I love baseball!  I had a blast spending nine years as the announcer for the Orem Owlz baseball team. I’d commute down to Orem during the summer months to announce ballgames. The Owlz were perennial contenders and won several league championships. It took me years to do but I have attended games in all 30 (all of them at the time) of the U.S. ballparks.  There are two new ones (St. Louis and Miami) I haven't been to yet, but eventually I'll make it to those too. 

A few years ago I started running. Before 2012, I'd never run more than a mile in my life, but I started training and practicing, building endurance and strength. I'm no speedster, but I did complete the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon this year, which is an exhilarating and empowering experience.

Family - I Saved the Best for Last

The best thing in my life is my wife Cheryl and our son Nicholas.  Cheryl is the greatest influence for good in my and her family’s life, and we have, at this point, one young son, Nicholas, who will turn one just before Christmas. We’ve lived in South Jordan our entire marriage—me for two years prior, while Cheryl was living just across the valley in south Sandy—and we love it here. Cheryl is a licensed teacher. She stopped teaching full-time just before Nicholas was born. She works from home in the BYU-Idaho Pathways program that helps working adults further their education and complete college.

Nicholas is such a happy boy, he smiles almost constantly, that I want to do all I can to make the community and the world he’ll grow up in deserving of such constant happiness.